New Product : VTLBSD1


Fullerton, CA (January 7, 2021) - Vision Tech America, Inc., a leading vehicle security and safety product manufacturer of backup cameras, dash cams, parking sensors, blind-spot detectors, and monitoring devices, has launched VTLBSD1, an Ultra Slim Full-Frame License Plate Backup Camera with Blind Spot Detection and LED lights. 

It features

  • a wide viewing camera angle,
  • a pair of LED lights for the night vision,
  • a pair of micro-wave radars detect any objects that approach the vehicle at 0.35MPH or faster in the driver's blind spots,
  • an anti-corrosive zinc metal frame, and
  • an ultra-slim design, legal in all 50 states.

VTLBSD1 will act as the third eye for the driver to detect objects where a driver normally does not see for safer driving and backing out of parking stalls.


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 About Vision Tech America, Inc. (BOYO)

Established in 2005, Vision Tech America (BOYO) is a privately held company that focuses on aftermarket rearview camera systems and auto security systems technology. The company delivers better solutions and customer satisfaction through a combination of high-quality products that are continuously kept up to date from extensive research and development of new technology with an intelligent creative team. The company holds numerous patents in the field.

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