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Vision Tech America is your source for unique and powerful technology to improve your vehicle’s performance, security, and longevity. Whether you are upgrading a personal vehicle or a fleet of vehicles for commercial use, investing in a backup camera monitor, rear view monitor, or one of our other advanced products can serve you every time you drive.

Better yet, our products can actually save you money, making them smart investments in security technology. Think of the amount of money you would save on repairs, replacement parts, and insurance rate hikes due to a decreased occurrence of accidents. With the help of a backup camera or wireless reversing camera, you and your staff of drivers can implement higher driving standards and see a decreased rate of damage. Depending on your industry, you can even protect yourself against other liabilities, including legal fees and loss of productivity, by improving your vehicles’ safety and your drivers’ ability to handle their vehicles with care.

When you shop with Vision Tech America, you can find the wireless rear view camera or other electronic device that is right for your specific vehicle needs and budget. Simply begin exploring our products list to find out how our technology can help you see more clearly.

Ultra Slim License Plate Cameras

- Vision Tech America's flagship products.
- U.S. Patent awarded rear view cameras
- 190 degree multi viewing angle
-1.3 M pixel CMOS sensor
- Built-in LED lights with On/Off selectable option
- Camera swivels up and down to set to the desired angle
- Super slim license plate frame is legal throughout the U.S.
Ultra Slim License Plate Cameras

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