New Product: VTHUDpro

Boyo Vision (Visiont Tech America, Inc.) announces VTHUDpro, a head up display with Apple® CarPlay™ and Android Auto compatibility.  It is available now and shipping.

VTHUDpro is a head up display, designed with one goal in mind – minimizing distracted driving due to cell phone usage while driving. The drivers turning head and/or reach for cellphones, dialing or reading texts may results in fatal accidents. VTHUDpro, with head up display mounted on the dashboard above the speedometer and remote control installed on the steering wheel, driver keeps the eyes on the road and keeps hands on the steering wheel.


The driver interacts with a cellphone using Apple Siri or Google Assistant and all apps developed for CarPlay and Android Auto is available, including Navigation, phone calling/receiving and (voice to) text messaging.

It features:

  • 15" Virtual Image Size with clear vibrant head up display
  • Apple iOS CarPlay and Android Auto (Plug and Play) compatible
  • Make or receive phone calls
  • Get directions and navigate
  • Listen to music and audio books
  • Use all apps developed for Car Play and Google Auto
  • Actual vehicle speed and RPM display from ODBII
  • Bluetooth steering wheel control, built-in microphone, FM Car Radio used as speaker

This item is truly for safe driving with eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheels. 

Form more information, contact Vision Tech America at (714) 446-0543 or

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