New Product: VTR419GW

Fullerton, CA (November 15, 2020) - Vision Tech America, Inc., a leading vehicle security and safety product manufacturer of backup cameras, dash cams, parking sensors, blind-spot detectors, and monitoring devices, has launched VTR419GW, a dual, front, 4K UHD, and rear, 2K FHD camera dash cam with a full touch screen.  It is the most advanced and user friendly with safety in mind.

VTR419GW, with a high-definition front camera, will record vibrant color pictures during the day,  and with the rear wide dynamic range camera, will be able to read the license plate number of a  vehicle following with headlights during the night driving. With a wide viewing angle, a rear camera with a reverse trigger wire can be used as a backup camera.

Out of box, full features also include

  • High definition 4K UHD front camera and 2K FHD WDR camera with a backup trigger line,
  • Gesture sensitive, 3.0” full touch screen
  • motion detection, impact sensitive parking mode and continuous loop recording,
  • GPS for Speed and Geotagging for playback,
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for a mobile app for viewing and playback,
  • USB Video Class (UVC) connectivity for direct memory access, USB camera, and Charging, and
  • H.264 and H.265 recoding for maximum compression with minimum clarity loss for efficient storage usage.

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