New Products: VTM7000MAHD, VTL17AI, VTX400D, VTM51M

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Fullerton CA, June 30, 2022 - Vision Tech America, Inc. believes in providing customers with state-of-the-art technology in automobile engineering at the best possible prices to modernize vehicles.
In this regard, BOYO unveiled 4 new products as follows:

  • VTL17AI – Concealed License Plate Rear View Camera with Intelligent Detection and Warning Alert 
  • VTX400D – 2.4 GHz AHD Wireless Transmitter and Receiver (1080P/720P/CVBS Camera compatible & Waterproof)
  • VTM7000MAHD – 7" Waterproof AHD/CVBS Rear View Monitor
  • VTM51M – 5” Rear View Mirror Monitor Replacement Type

“The rising demand in the automotive aftermarket industry is rear view cameras and monitors with artificial intelligence technology, wireless technology, and AHD/CVBS compatibility. With this in mind, we are launching 4 new products. These products will help our customers with much more safety and convenience on the road.” said Richard Hong, VP of Sales.


Key Product Features:

VTL17AI - AI backup camera with Intelligent Detection and Warning Alert
  • AI camera to detect vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, and objects
  • 170-degree Wide Viewing Angle
  • Concealed License Plate Universal Mounting Bracket
VTL17AI Red dot
VTX400D - 2.4 GHz AHD Wireless Transmitter and Receiver
  • Turns any camera and 1080P AHD monitor into a wireless system
  • Transmitter support all AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS cameras at 1080P/720P/D1/CIF resolution
  • Reliable wireless operational range up to 1640 ft
VTM7000MAHD - 7” Waterproof AHD/CVBS Rear View Monitor
  • AHD/CVBS Compatible Waterproofed Monitor for Marine Applications
  • Waterproof Rating IP69 ~ Can withstand the water jet nozzle from 20 inches or further away
VTM51M - 75” Rear View Mirror Monitor
  • Built-in High-Brightness 5” TFT-LCD Monitor
  • Anti-Glare Glass with Universal Arm Bracket
  • 2 Video Inputs, Automatic Video Signal Detection
  • Replacement Type with Universal Mirror Mount Adapter
VTM51M VTM51M Mount

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About Vision Tech America, Inc. (BOYO)

Established in 2005, Vision Tech America (BOYO) is a privately held company that focuses on aftermarket rear view camera systems and vehicle security system solutions. The company strives to deliver quality solutions and customer satisfaction through the latest technology that is continuously kept up to date from extensive research and development by an intelligent creative team. The company holds numerous patents in the field.

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