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VTHUD7 : 5.8" Head Up Display

VTHUD7 : 5.8" Head Up Display

VTHUD7 : 5.8" Head Up Display


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VTHUD7 : 5.8" Head Up Display with Reflector Cradle

*5.8” Display Screen
* Plug and play
* Use the OBD2 Connection for power
* Auto on and off
* Two modes:
* OBD2 Mode: Use the OBD2mode for data sync and view on the HUD.
OBD display: vehicle speed, RPM, water temperature, instantaneous fuel consumption, average fuel consumption, mileage, single driving time, Speed alarm, high water temperature, RPM alarm, low voltage alarm, fatigue alarm, shift reminding.

* GPS Mode: The GPS is built-in the unit and works with any car.
GPS display: vehicle speed, local time, compass, single driving distance and time, KM or Miles viewing option, voltage, altitude, the brightness can be adjusted automatically or manually.

* Two way mounting: The HUD can be used with the *reflector cradle, or it can reflect off the windshield by affixing the included reflector film.

*Bonus.  Includes Free Display Reflector Cradle.  Use for reflecting smartphone device as a Head Up Display.