Welcome to the Product Show-Off Reward Program.

Reward Program

You have purchased our product, installed, registered, and using it in your vehicle. Now, Vision Tech America is going to reward you for sharing your experience. Really! With Cash!

There are two ways to get the reward. 

Product Review: Take a few pictures of the installed unit and post them with your product review.

Social Media Posting: Take a few pictures of the installed unit and post them on on your social media pages, like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

How do I claim?

  1. At the Check Reward Status section below:
    Enter your email address used during the product registration and check products you've registered.

    If you do not see you, please go to the registration page and register your product. Then, check back with us later.

  2. Check the 'Reward Available' date.

    If you it has passed and have not received a reward coupon. Please check the Review Posted section below:
    Please submit the the link for us to verify.


The Referral Reward Program is open to individuals in 48 Contiguous states of the USA and excludes Vision Tech America's distributors, dealers and on or off-line resellers.
1. To join the Product Show-Off Reward Program, the customer must have purchased and registered the product online.
2. Only retail purchases qualify with proof of purchase (invoice) for each item. Any registered items which are returned will be disqualified.
3. The reward amount will be 5% of the purchased price or 5% of the minimum advertised price (MAP).
4. The reward will be issued in a form of a redeemable coupon at participating retailers and the coupon can be redeemed only once.

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