Welcome to the Referral Reward Program.

Referring BOYO can turn into CASH! Sign up, Refer, and Get Rewards when a referred person purchases a BOYO product.(1)

Here is how you earn.

Step 1. Register and get a BOYO Ambassador code.

Step 2. Refer friends to the BOYO products and give out your Ambassador code.

Step 3. Purchase. When your friend purchase(2) and register the purchased product with your Ambassador code, you will receive an email notification.

Step 4. Claim Reward. You will receive the second email after the Product Return Period(3) to claim your reward.  If your friend returns the Product within the Product Return Period, you receive a notification that the reward offer has been rescinded.(4)


The Referral Reward Program is open to individuals in 48 Contiguous states of the USA and excludes Vision Tech America's distributors, dealers, and on or off-line resellers.
1. To join the Referral Reward Program, no purchase necessary.
2. Only retail purchase qualifies.
3. The Product Return Period varies with each retailer. Please add time for the retailer to notify us.
4. The products returned within the Product Return Period is not considered the purchase. It is considered a trial period. The Referral Reward Program has been safeguarded from the misuse of purchasing and returning the products only to claim rewards.