Q. How do I update my BOYO Vision VTW100 Wi-Fi Miracast HDMI Dongle? What is the procedure for Firmware update?

A. Please download VTW-Firmware-Update Instruction and follow the instructions. Here is the synopsis of the firmware upgrade steps using the iPhone.

1. iPhone
2. internet access
3. a monitor

1. Plug VTW100 into the monitor to able to view the instructions.
2. Connect your iPhone to the mirror's wifi connection with password 12345678.
3. Open a browser (e.g. Safari), enter in the URL,, and enter.
4. Tap the Wi-Fi Logo icon.
5. Tap Scan Tap the Wi-Fi connection you have at home or office. Enter the password for your Wi-Fi internet connection. Reference #4 on the instruction page.
6. Hold down the M button on the mirror to start the update process. When complete, "wifi display" will display the screen and the device will reboot.