Q. What App do I need to connect my cellphone to VTR117GW?
A.  'OnReal'
Q. I have a iPhone and the App is not connecting to VTR117GW
A.  Turn off the cellular data and connect.
Q.  iPhone (iOS 14.6+) - OnReal is crashing when viewing the recorded video.
A.   FW need to be updated and Smart iCarCam App need to used.
1. Download FW: Download ZIP
2. Upgrade instruction:
a. Unzip the downloaded file. it it product folder with "update_0.0.3.3"
b. Format (Class 10) MicroSD card 
c. Copy the "update_0.0.3.3" folder to MicroSD card
d. Power off VTR117GW,  Insert MicroSD, Power on.
* Red and Green LED will come on.
* Green LED indicates upgrading.
* Green LED goes off, indicating upgrade is successful.
3. Download the app from the App Store.  App Name:  Smart iCarCam
4. Review "Smart iCarCam" Screenshot Manual: Download PDF