Quick User Guide for VTX400W:

Android OS Download & Installation:

                App name: BOYO view
                Manual Download and Install : click here

IOS Download & Installation:

                App name: BOYO view
                Alternative App: F-Car 

App Usage:

  1. Go to WIFI settings
  2. Connect to “BOYOCAM-XXXXXXXXX”
  3. Open Boyo View – when connected, the connector indicator will change to green.

How to connect to VTX400W:

A mobile device connects to the VTX400W using the following steps.

  1. Power up the camera.
  2. Go to Wi-Fi list and select BOYOCAM-xxxxxx
  3. When connected, you will note “no internet connection”  since your device is not connected internet. It is connected to VTX400W. 
  4. Open “F-Car” - Note: internet connection will work via “cell data”
  5. When you open, it will automatically display the camera
  6. If Wi-Fi is not connected, a default screen will be displayed.