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License Plate Cameras

Vision Tech America offers a wide selection of rearview license plate cameras offering an array of safety features and price ranges that complement your rearview mirrors and enhance the safety of your vehicle. Here are some of the technology features offered in our waterproof license plate cameras:

●    CMOS Sensors

Not only do CMOS sensors provide high quality digital images, they use less power than the older CCD sensor technologies that used analog technology.

●    Selectable Parking Guide Line

Selected models offer adjustable parking lines that are extremely beneficial when attempting to back out of a difficult situation, or trying to squeeze into a tight parking spot.

●    Wide-Angle Viewing

With 170- to 190-degree viewing angles, you get a clear image of the area behind your vehicle as you put it into reverse, whether you are backing out of your driveway, parallel parking, or hitching up a trailer.

●    Night Vision and LED Lights

No more backing out into the dark and depending on your rear backup lights to provide the light you need. Our night vision technology takes the guesswork out of reverse and backup driving, creating a safer experience in even the lowest light situations.