No video. Black screen.


Often at the end of a backup camera installation, one sees a black screen, blue screen or no video signal when the monitor switches to the backup camera mode.


  • No video signal received by the monitor.


Have you done bench testing before installation?

It is rare but the camera may be dead. 


Remove the camera and connect it directly to a "working" monitor. Power it up to see if the camera is working.

The power supplied to the camera must be 12V or higher using a battery, ACC - switched power, or 12V power supply.

Also, by a "working" monitor, the monitor must accept compatible video signal which the camera sends. 

Check the camera power.

If the camera is powered by the reverse backup light, please check the voltage.  

Certain vehicles' reverse backup light is powered less than 12V.

Check the video extension cable.

Check if there is any cut or discontinuity.

Check if the connectors at end are good.


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