BOYO Buyer's Guide - January, 2021
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Vision Tech America, Inc. BOYO Buyer's Guide
BOYO VTLBSD1 - Ultra Slim Full-Frame License Plate Backup Camera with built-in Blind Spot Detection and LED lights
VTLBSD1 combines a blind spot detector and a backup camera. VTLBSD1 is designed act as the third eye for the driver to detect objects where a driver normally does not see for safer driving and backing out of parking stalls.
Product features:
  • a wide viewing camera angle,
  • a pair of LED lights for the night vision,
  • a pair of micro-wave radars detect any objects that approach the vehicle at 0.35MPH or faster in the driver's blind spots,
  • an anti-corrosive zinc metal frame, and
  • an ultra-slim design, legal in all 50 states.

BOYO VTHUDpro - Head Up Display for Car, Truck or Van - iOS CarPlay and Android Auto (Plug and Play) compatible

VTHUDpro, an Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatible head-up display, is designed to assist drivers with safer driving.

Looking at the phone to search, dial a phone number, text messaging, or turning head to look up a music playlist or at the navigation system can be distractions for safe drivers. Consequently, most states prohibit the use of a hand-held phone while driving.

With a head-up display mounted in the front of the steering wheel, the driver does not need to turn head away from the road. With a remote control strapped to the steering wheel, the driver can keep the hands on the steering wheel and interact with the phone. Using voice command to interact with Google Assistance (on Android phones) or with Siri (Apple iPhones), the driver can make calls, send and receive text messages, and control the phone operations.

Product features:
  • 15” Virtual Image Size with clear vibrant headup display,
  • Auto brightness adjustment,
  • Android Auto and Apple iOS CarPlay (Plug and Play) compatible,
  • Bluetooth remote control on the steering wheel,
  • Built-in microphone, and
  • FM transmitter to use the car's FM radio as a speaker.

BOYO VTR419GW 4K Ultra HD / 2K Full HD - Dual Camera Dashcam

VTR419GW is equipped with the wide-angle front and rear cameras and, with respective, 4K Ultra HD and 2K Full HD resolution. You will not miss the details.

With the impact sensor turned on, if the vehicle is hit in the park mode, the recording will wake to record for 20 seconds.

VTR419GW is very easy to operate using the full touch. Touch screen to change camera views, take pictures, and to configure the settings.

Product features:
  • 4K Ultra High Definition front camera,
  • 2K Full High Definition rear camera,
  • Easy operation using full touch screen display,
  • Recording modes: motion detection, parking mode, loop recording,
  • USB PC Functions: USB Storage, UVC Camera, Charging, and
  • Built-in GPS: location tracking during video playback.


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